:"We have decided yesterdates to change the day"

The group exhibition features sculptures, paintings and monotypes by three young artists whose work will be united at a single venue for the first time. The exhibition explores how contemporary art productions respond to unconventional spaces and how, through the power of their own significance, they remain unique unto themselves. The choice of exhibition venue-a disused bathhouse-throws the spectator's usual viewing habits into question. The works will be accompanied by an edition.

We are pleased to invite you and your friends to Stattbad Wedding for the opening of the exhibition ":We have decided yesterdates to change the day" on Saturday, 13 April 2013, from 5 pm.

Press Preview, Friday, April, 12th, 2013, 6pm
Vernissage, Saturday, April, 13th, 2013, 5-10pm
Exibition on Display, Saturday, April 13-May, 11, 2013,
Thursday-Saturday 3-8pm

Show at:
Gerichtstrasse 65
13347 Berlin

Charlotte Dualé shows a sculpture that engages directly with the surroundings in this exhibition situation. In what was once the dressing area, she has created a specially-built wardrobe that is used as a repository for other sculptures. Other objects can be seen hanging and or lying in this "Portemanteau des corpes." The artist experiments with gravity to produce her freestanding porcelain tubes - the "corpes colonnes" - out of plaster, clay, wood and porcelain. Like an Aby Warburg montage on the words "porcelain tube", its existence is explored in different contexts. These precious porcelain tubes are always associated with an everyday object - a harness or a rubber mat, for example - that is often an object trouvé. Dualé's gravitational experiments fall in a tradition that goes back to Marcel Duchamp's "3 stoppages étalon (3 Standard Stoppages)" from 1913.

Anne Kollwitz's graphic and painted works speak of everyday objects. Details from the various, textured surfaces of diverse objects are distilled into geometric shapes and fused in a single image. With her monotypes, the artist also manages to show the absence that becomes visible through these textures at the same time. In directly capturing the surface structure, her work bears relation to the rubbings of the surrealist Max Ernst. Taking a cue from the Expressionists' free use of color, Anne Kollwitz creates a variety of ever-changing motifs ("Astronaut", "Senkrechte Achsenmarkierung (durch Bohrung) / (Vertical Axis Label (Through Hole)." She completes her large-scale works on canvas by adding to the sides, building on and expanding the borders of the image past the edge of her painting surface, as we see in "Wippe(Seesaw)".

Elena Tamburini makes figurative paintings with rapid brushstrokes. Her creative method is based on finding and drawing new ideas and imaginative worlds. In the interplay of text and image, the artist explores the theme of the mask, scratches at the edges and stretches its boundaries. In the works shown here, the artist uses role-play in an expression of masquerade. What happens behind the mask? In her large painting "Backstage", we see the figure of a clown from the back as he puts down his mask. Every other figure in "Backstage" struggles with its own history and shows various gestures of pain, desperation, grief or disappointment - human emotions that appear again and again in the artist's work.

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